Good Game…But Certainly Not “Special”

Last Friday saw the first preseason game of the year and the Bears came out victorious over the Eagles, 34-28.  There were a lot of positives to take away from this game, and a few negatives too.

Here’s a quick breakdown…or maybe a long breakdown.


-Cutler and the first team offense looked awesome.  They moved the ball well, didn’t turn it over and had a nice balance of pass vs run.  There were a couple of holding penalties in there that took away a couple of nice plays (Forte 15 yd run in the red zone, Jeffery 40 yd reception) but that will get worked out.  

-The first team offense succeeded without 3 key players – The Black Unicorn (suspended for beating up a rookie) and the starters from the right side of the O-line (Long and Mills – minor injuries, nothing serious).  That left room for both reserve tight ends that could be fighting for one spot the opportunity to show what they can do, and they didn’t disappoint.  Zach Miller played out of his mind with 2 TDs and Dante Rosario made a couple of nice catches as well.  Miller has the edge at this point, but there are 3 games to go.  

-Back up QBs both played well, and as of me writing this, Clausen has moved ahead of Palmer in the depth chart – THANK GOD.  Palmer is terrible.  That being said, I still want Kyle Orton.  I didn’t see too much out of the back up RBs.  Forte can’t do it all, need someone to step up big time here. 

-Guess what?  Eric Weems sucked.  He sucked so bad.  I hate him.  Great 73 yd juggling TD catch by Chris Williams.  Dude has speed.  I hope he makes it.


-The first team defense showed me a lot.  They forced turnovers, got 2 picks from Nick Foles, who threw the same amount all of last season.  Jared Allen didn’t play so I’m anxious to see what he can do against Jacksonville this Thursday.

-The back ups on D played well too – despite Shea McClellin being out of position the majority of the night.  The safeties played surprisingly well and I actually hope there is a good rotation back there this year.


-Holy crap.  Terrible.  Special Teams Coach Joey D is probably still crapping the bed in his sleep after that performance.  With a blocked FG attempt, letting up a kickoff return for a TD, a fumbled punt and horrible punts from our punters, the Bears need to improve here GREATLY.  STs has always been a strong suit of our team…can’t let that slip.

Looking for the team to make strides in all aspects this week against Jacksonville, here are 5 things I’ll be watching for.

1. Cutler – 3rd WR connection.  Need to see some production here.  Teams are going to focus on Marshall and Jeffery, need to make sure they can get some production from the slot.

2. More running.  Need to see some improvements from the running backs that aren’t named Forte.  If he goes down at all this year, we be screwed.

3. Special Teams.  Just don’t be as terrible as they were against the Eagles.  

4. Jared Allen.  How many snaps will he play?  

5. Safeties.  Who is gonna make an impact. 


Long blog, whatever, get over it.  Go Bears!



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