Well That Wasn’t Pretty

First and foremost, Eric Weems needs to get the hell off this Bears team.  I said it before, all he’ll do is fumble or draw a 15 yd penalty for being an idiot. He did one of those last night and it resulted in points for the Jags.  

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 9.18.12 AM

And what a terrible nickname to have – the JAGS.  

First offensive series for the Bears was terrible – a drop by Marshall, a nothing run from Forte and a 7 yd completion to Jeffrey.  3 and out.  Not good.  However, the second drive was much better, Cutler had ALL DAY to throw, gotta give props to the o-line for protecting like crazy.  Where the o-line is scaring the bejesus out of me is in run blocking.  We couldn’t run the ball at all yesterday with the first team.  Really need to get that worked out because if we can’t run the ball, we’ll be in trouble.

Defensively, it looked very very similar to last year and that is fairly terrible.  The holes are consistently there for teams to pick apart.  The same routes lead to the same plays.  We didn’t get any pressure on the QB and that needs to change.  Whether it be through more stunts, blitzes, whatever, get some pressure from the front 4.  Need it. Gotta have it.  

One last time, CUT ERIC WEEMS.  Not only did he completely crap the bed on Special Teams, he couldn’t even run proper routes.  Cutler had 2 incomplete passes, a drop by Marshall and a ball to nowhere because Weems ran the wrong route.  Get anyone else in there at the #3 WR spot until Wilson returns from injury.  ANYONE.  Sign back Earl Bennett, get Josh Cribbs, anyone is better than Weems.  

But hey, I guess we won.  Hooray? Next week vs Seattle should be a great indicator of what the Bears have in place, great Offense vs a great Defense.  Time will tell…GO BEARS!

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