Sup Holmes


that beanie is pretty fresh – if you’re a beanie guy.

Praise the Lord – Eric Weems is no longer a Bear!!  Woo-hoo!!!!*  Now, Santonio Holmes is no savior, and it might not work out at all.  But what I love about this signing is it is a low risk, high reward scenario.  A veteran receiver like Holmes should be able to find big holes in defenses that are keying so heavily on Marshall, Jeffery, Bennett and Forte.  This could also be his last chance in the league to catch on somewhere, so lets just hope he takes advantage of that.

Tonight marks the 3rd preseason game and the Bears are traveling to Seattle to play the defending Super Bowl Champions (still is weird to me that they won it all last year).  This will be the game where we’ll be able to get a true handle on what the Bears can do this season and the Seahawks will provide a great test.  Their defense is nasty.  Our offense CAN be nasty.biwLjUd

1. We have to run the ball.  I believe Forte’s line in the preseason is something like 7 carries, -7 yards.  -7!  NOT GOOD.

2. We have to make a bigger impact on Special Teams.  I’m not talking about running a kick back in each quarter, I’m talking about getting decent returns, no flags, no fumbles and having great coverage as well.  This has always been a strength of the Bears but we have a lot of improvement to make.  If things don’t change, I would think by week 5, or the bye week at the very latest, that there are some changes on the coaching staff.

3. Speaking of improvements, defense, please, just show us SOMETHING tonight.  Jacksonville’s first team offense picked you apart last week. Bears Allen Football Just make plays.  Don’t need to be great, just need to literally Bear Down and play to the whistle.  Too many missed assignments, poor tackling, no pass rush – all needs to improve.

I’ll be providing my season picks – game by game – after next weeks game against the Browns…really need to see what we can do tonight against a really good team in a really tough environment.




*Woohoo is right.  If you’re at home and the channel isn’t on FXX over the next 12 days, you’re doing life wrong.  Simpsons marathon – every episode ever.  Awesome.



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