2014 Season Predictions

Here we go.  Journey to the Super Bowl starts today. Kicking things off with the Buffalo Bills today at Soldier Field.

Week 1: Bears vs Bills – WIN. 

Week 2: Bears vs 49ers – LOSS. Opening game for new Blue Jeans Stadium.  

Week 3: Bears vs Jets – WIN. Jets are stupid.  

Week 4: Bears vs Packers – WIN. Packers D is pretty bad as well, these games are gonna be a shootout.

Week 5: Bears vs Panthers – WIN.  Could depend on Cam Newtons health, but definitely think the Panthers are falling off from last years success.

Week 6: Bears vs Falcons – LOSS. Guarantee Hester runs one, maybe 2 back against our crap special teams unit.

Week 7: Bears vs Dolphins – WIN. Dolphins are still a team?

Week 8: Bears vs Patriots – LOSS.  Belicheck can scheme with the best of em.

Week 10: Bears vs Packers – LOSS.  Another shootout, this time on the short end.

Week 11: Bears vs Vikings – WIN. This team will struggle.

Week 12: Bears vs Bucs – WIN. Welcome back Lovie.  Now take this loss and suck it.

Week 13: Bears vs Lions – LOSS. Happy Thanksgiving. 

Week 14: Bears vs Cowboys – WIN. Cowboys suck.

Week 15: Bears vs Saints – WIN. I’m not feeling all the love for the Saints this year.  Maybe I’m stupid.

Week 16: Bears vs Lions – WIN. Megatron shut down again by Peanut.

Week 17: Bears vs Vikings – WIN. Vikings are gonna be fail. So much fail.

Thats an 11-5 record, good for a playoff berth. Depending on seeding, I could see the Bears making it to the Title Game in the NFC, but its gonna be really hard. Regardless, my real prediction is Bears 16-0, en route to a Super Bowl victory.


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