Well Crap

Week 1 didn’t go so well, did it?  Lets see, we lost, at home, to the Bills.  A game we should have easily won.  The offense looked like crap – inconsistent.  Great first drive.  5 plays and a TD.  Sweet!  Then it just started to unravel. The playcalling wasn’t great, especially when it’s 3rd and 1 and we call a bootleg rollout where Cutler throws his second pick of the game. That decision was beyond retarded. Both in the call and the execution, it cost us the game.  Marshall with an uncharacteristic fumble, 2 starting lineman go down (Good lord I hope neither injury is serious) and just inconsistency ruined it on Sunday.

Defensively, it wasn’t bad.  But Conte is.  Ugh. They had to play the short field due to turnovers and that hit them hard. Losing games like this is not the mark of good team, its the mark of an underachieving team. 

Next week is gonna be very very tough against a 49ers team that has always given us trouble.  Cutler sure is making it hard for me to defend him when he has a game like he did yesterday.  Long season, lets turn it around now.


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