Are You Ready For Some Football?!?!?!

Hot dog!  What a win that was last Sunday night against the 49ers in their new stadium.  If you watched the game, talk about night and day compared to first half and second half performance.  A few takeaways from the game…

1. The hit that changed the game: Cutler gets speared, goes on to go 15/16 for 130 some odd yards.

2. Rushing game still lacking.  Was tough to gain yards, but understood that they were playing from behind majority of the game.

3. Tillman. Best guy. Awesome Bear. Just sucks to lose him for the season. With that, Kyle Fuller has arrived.  Those 2 picks were so key. Great draft pick thus far.

4. Health still concerns me quite a bit but at least its early in the season.  Definitely worried about Marshall/Jeffrey/O-Line especially if they get rushed back too soon.

5. Defense. Wow. Didn’t expect them to show up the way they did.  Big hits, timely turnovers and steady play throughout the game against a high powered offense.

Next game is Monday night against the Jets.  #1 Rush Offense and Rush Defense.  They don’t have the corners to match up against our receivers, but they will be in the face of Cutler a lot so I’d look for a lot of quick slants and 3 step drops on curl/out routes for the Bears.  I see the Bears coming out of NY with a win, but its certainly not going to be easy.

I’ll leave you with this..not sure it was the last time they played each other on a Monday Night, but one of my favorite games ever was an old Monday Night game in 1991 against the Jets where the Bears forced overtime on the final play of the game, then Cap Boso showed up with seconds left in OT to make a key grab and the Bears were victorious.  I was up way past my bedtime and it was awesome.


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