Fuck Green Bay

Yeah, that is pretty much how I feel.  I just don’t like this team at all.  I hate em mostly because they always kick our ass.  I also hate them because their fans are a bunch of self-righteous shits that think they own the team.  If you own the team, then you should be allowed to just show up to every game, without having to buy a ticket since you have a piece of paper that says you’re an owner.  Get over it you idiots.  You don’t own shit.  Rant over.

Any way, solid win against a tough Jets team on the road last Monday night.  The Black Unicorn came up big with 2 TDs, Ryan Mundy set the tone early with a pick 6 on the second play of the game, and the defense did enough to hold back the Jets #1 rushing attack.

The injuries are really starting to pile up for the Bears, and if its going to happen, I’d rather it happen NOW, early in the season, allowing them to heal up and be ready for a stretch run.  Succeeding in the playoffs and ending the season on a hot note go hand in hand.  If the Bears can get through this tough stretch of games while having so many injuries, then they are going to be in a really good spot.

Things to watch for Sunday against the Packers.

1. Running game.  Get it going, enough said there.

2. Secondary.  Gonna be patch work back there to get through the game, and Aaron “I Like Women A Lot” Rodgers will do what he can to tear them up.

3. Special Teams.  Just don’t fuck up.  Get the ball past the 20 or take a knee.  Stop being fucking retarded.

4. Marshall.  He could be a wild card, he could possibly not even play.  We need him out there, even if its just a decoy that draws coverage over.

That’s it. Go Bears.

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