At a Loss.

That game sucked.  This team is so damn inconsistent not from a week to week basis, but more from a half to half.  First half against Carolina – looked good.  Took advantage of turnovers, didn’t let a stupid special teams play bury them early, and were up 21-7.  The late TD was just brutal going into halftime.

Defensively, its the middle of the field that is such a weakness.  The safeties and linebackers are completely lost in passing situations.  No one has anyone covered and its just too simple for teams to pick them apart and drive down the field.

In the end, the loss can be pinned on a few people but its still a team loss.  Cutler – Holmes isn’t as tall as everyone else.  Not all your receivers are 6′ 5″, need to reign that shit in big time. He was wide open too, which makes that errant throw extra terrible. Forte’s fumble was simply crushing.  For a guy that rarely puts it on the ground, that was maybe the worst one he’d ever had, I’m sure he would say the same.

Play calling was ok – I know people have been on Trestman a bit lately about that, but it was ok this game. My problem with him is whatever is happening at halftime needs to stop.  Jesus Mary and Joesph, get it together, play like a team that can be unstoppable on offense and put a solid 60 mins of football together.  Go Bears.

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