Halfway Point

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything, and for that, I’m not sorry.  What has there been to post about??  The Bears just had the bye week.  They are 3-5 after 8 games.  3-5.  That, in Brandon Marshall’s words is just, UNACCEPTABLE.  There aren’t many bright spots.  There really aren’t.  At this point, with how they are playing, there are maybe, MAYBE 3-4 more wins for this team on their schedule.

The defense can’t stop anyone.  Any good QB can simply pick apart this Bears D with ease. For crying out loud, we made Ryan Tannehill look like Steve Young in his prime.  Tom Brady couldn’t have had an easier day against us.

The offense needs to get it together.  Why does Cutler constantly just go to the check down receiver?  It seems like every fucking play he just goes to the swing route.  It doesn’t make any sense.  Are the opposing D-Lines getting that much pressure that quickly that he can never look downfield to throw to one of his monster receivers?  I guess not.

Special Teams is nothing to talk about.  I guess our punter is ok.  Even Robbie Gould has missed a few this year.  I can’t recall us returning a kickoff past the 25 yard line this year at all.  Maybe when they did I was already too drunk to realize what was happening, but whatever.

Updated game predictions below for the remainder of the season.

@Green Bay: LOSS.  Aaron Rodgers tears us apart, fall 38 – 14.  (3-6)

Vikings: WIN. Somewhat of a spine is revealed. Team plays good enough against a shit team, 31-23. (4-6)

Bucs: WIN. Welcome back Lovie!  Maybe he could be the D Coordinator, with Trestman being the O Coordinator, and John Gruden is our coach!  Somehow we win, 24-22. (5-6)

@Lions: LOSS.  Short week, Thanksgiving. Only thing to give thanks about is that Suh might not be on the Lions after this year.  37-20 (5-7)

Cowboys: LOSS. DeMarco Murray goes HAM, over 200 yds rushing, 3 TD in a route of the Bears. 41-21 (5-8)

Saints: LOSS. Drew Brees goes off, Cutler goes down with a season ending injury. 34-24 (5-9)

Lions: LOSS. Megatron is smiling because Peanut is on the sidelines and cant cover him.   27-20 (5-10)

@Vikings: WIN.  End the season on a high note beating the Vikings again.  This time, its closer, but no one cares.  28-27.  (6-10).

There you have it, calling it.  6-10 finish from our MONSTERS.

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