Halfway Point

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything, and for that, I’m not sorry.  What has there been to post about??  The Bears just had the bye week.  They are 3-5 after 8 games.  3-5.  That, in Brandon Marshall’s words is just, UNACCEPTABLE.  There aren’t many bright spots.  There really aren’t.  At this point, with how they are playing, there are maybe, MAYBE 3-4 more wins for this team on their schedule.

The defense can’t stop anyone.  Any good QB can simply pick apart this Bears D with ease. For crying out loud, we made Ryan Tannehill look like Steve Young in his prime.  Tom Brady couldn’t have had an easier day against us.

The offense needs to get it together.  Why does Cutler constantly just go to the check down receiver?  It seems like every fucking play he just goes to the swing route.  It doesn’t make any sense.  Are the opposing D-Lines getting that much pressure that quickly that he can never look downfield to throw to one of his monster receivers?  I guess not.

Special Teams is nothing to talk about.  I guess our punter is ok.  Even Robbie Gould has missed a few this year.  I can’t recall us returning a kickoff past the 25 yard line this year at all.  Maybe when they did I was already too drunk to realize what was happening, but whatever.

Updated game predictions below for the remainder of the season.

@Green Bay: LOSS.  Aaron Rodgers tears us apart, fall 38 – 14.  (3-6)

Vikings: WIN. Somewhat of a spine is revealed. Team plays good enough against a shit team, 31-23. (4-6)

Bucs: WIN. Welcome back Lovie!  Maybe he could be the D Coordinator, with Trestman being the O Coordinator, and John Gruden is our coach!  Somehow we win, 24-22. (5-6)

@Lions: LOSS.  Short week, Thanksgiving. Only thing to give thanks about is that Suh might not be on the Lions after this year.  37-20 (5-7)

Cowboys: LOSS. DeMarco Murray goes HAM, over 200 yds rushing, 3 TD in a route of the Bears. 41-21 (5-8)

Saints: LOSS. Drew Brees goes off, Cutler goes down with a season ending injury. 34-24 (5-9)

Lions: LOSS. Megatron is smiling because Peanut is on the sidelines and cant cover him.   27-20 (5-10)

@Vikings: WIN.  End the season on a high note beating the Vikings again.  This time, its closer, but no one cares.  28-27.  (6-10).

There you have it, calling it.  6-10 finish from our MONSTERS.

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At a Loss.

That game sucked.  This team is so damn inconsistent not from a week to week basis, but more from a half to half.  First half against Carolina – looked good.  Took advantage of turnovers, didn’t let a stupid special teams play bury them early, and were up 21-7.  The late TD was just brutal going into halftime.

Defensively, its the middle of the field that is such a weakness.  The safeties and linebackers are completely lost in passing situations.  No one has anyone covered and its just too simple for teams to pick them apart and drive down the field.

In the end, the loss can be pinned on a few people but its still a team loss.  Cutler – Holmes isn’t as tall as everyone else.  Not all your receivers are 6′ 5″, need to reign that shit in big time. He was wide open too, which makes that errant throw extra terrible. Forte’s fumble was simply crushing.  For a guy that rarely puts it on the ground, that was maybe the worst one he’d ever had, I’m sure he would say the same.

Play calling was ok – I know people have been on Trestman a bit lately about that, but it was ok this game. My problem with him is whatever is happening at halftime needs to stop.  Jesus Mary and Joesph, get it together, play like a team that can be unstoppable on offense and put a solid 60 mins of football together.  Go Bears.

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Fuck Green Bay

Yeah, that is pretty much how I feel.  I just don’t like this team at all.  I hate em mostly because they always kick our ass.  I also hate them because their fans are a bunch of self-righteous shits that think they own the team.  If you own the team, then you should be allowed to just show up to every game, without having to buy a ticket since you have a piece of paper that says you’re an owner.  Get over it you idiots.  You don’t own shit.  Rant over.

Any way, solid win against a tough Jets team on the road last Monday night.  The Black Unicorn came up big with 2 TDs, Ryan Mundy set the tone early with a pick 6 on the second play of the game, and the defense did enough to hold back the Jets #1 rushing attack.

The injuries are really starting to pile up for the Bears, and if its going to happen, I’d rather it happen NOW, early in the season, allowing them to heal up and be ready for a stretch run.  Succeeding in the playoffs and ending the season on a hot note go hand in hand.  If the Bears can get through this tough stretch of games while having so many injuries, then they are going to be in a really good spot.

Things to watch for Sunday against the Packers.

1. Running game.  Get it going, enough said there.

2. Secondary.  Gonna be patch work back there to get through the game, and Aaron “I Like Women A Lot” Rodgers will do what he can to tear them up.

3. Special Teams.  Just don’t fuck up.  Get the ball past the 20 or take a knee.  Stop being fucking retarded.

4. Marshall.  He could be a wild card, he could possibly not even play.  We need him out there, even if its just a decoy that draws coverage over.

That’s it. Go Bears.

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Are You Ready For Some Football?!?!?!

Hot dog!  What a win that was last Sunday night against the 49ers in their new stadium.  If you watched the game, talk about night and day compared to first half and second half performance.  A few takeaways from the game…

1. The hit that changed the game: Cutler gets speared, goes on to go 15/16 for 130 some odd yards.

2. Rushing game still lacking.  Was tough to gain yards, but understood that they were playing from behind majority of the game.

3. Tillman. Best guy. Awesome Bear. Just sucks to lose him for the season. With that, Kyle Fuller has arrived.  Those 2 picks were so key. Great draft pick thus far.

4. Health still concerns me quite a bit but at least its early in the season.  Definitely worried about Marshall/Jeffrey/O-Line especially if they get rushed back too soon.

5. Defense. Wow. Didn’t expect them to show up the way they did.  Big hits, timely turnovers and steady play throughout the game against a high powered offense.

Next game is Monday night against the Jets.  #1 Rush Offense and Rush Defense.  They don’t have the corners to match up against our receivers, but they will be in the face of Cutler a lot so I’d look for a lot of quick slants and 3 step drops on curl/out routes for the Bears.  I see the Bears coming out of NY with a win, but its certainly not going to be easy.

I’ll leave you with this..not sure it was the last time they played each other on a Monday Night, but one of my favorite games ever was an old Monday Night game in 1991 against the Jets where the Bears forced overtime on the final play of the game, then Cap Boso showed up with seconds left in OT to make a key grab and the Bears were victorious.  I was up way past my bedtime and it was awesome.


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Well Crap

Week 1 didn’t go so well, did it?  Lets see, we lost, at home, to the Bills.  A game we should have easily won.  The offense looked like crap – inconsistent.  Great first drive.  5 plays and a TD.  Sweet!  Then it just started to unravel. The playcalling wasn’t great, especially when it’s 3rd and 1 and we call a bootleg rollout where Cutler throws his second pick of the game. That decision was beyond retarded. Both in the call and the execution, it cost us the game.  Marshall with an uncharacteristic fumble, 2 starting lineman go down (Good lord I hope neither injury is serious) and just inconsistency ruined it on Sunday.

Defensively, it wasn’t bad.  But Conte is.  Ugh. They had to play the short field due to turnovers and that hit them hard. Losing games like this is not the mark of good team, its the mark of an underachieving team. 

Next week is gonna be very very tough against a 49ers team that has always given us trouble.  Cutler sure is making it hard for me to defend him when he has a game like he did yesterday.  Long season, lets turn it around now.


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2014 Season Predictions

Here we go.  Journey to the Super Bowl starts today. Kicking things off with the Buffalo Bills today at Soldier Field.

Week 1: Bears vs Bills – WIN. 

Week 2: Bears vs 49ers – LOSS. Opening game for new Blue Jeans Stadium.  

Week 3: Bears vs Jets – WIN. Jets are stupid.  

Week 4: Bears vs Packers – WIN. Packers D is pretty bad as well, these games are gonna be a shootout.

Week 5: Bears vs Panthers – WIN.  Could depend on Cam Newtons health, but definitely think the Panthers are falling off from last years success.

Week 6: Bears vs Falcons – LOSS. Guarantee Hester runs one, maybe 2 back against our crap special teams unit.

Week 7: Bears vs Dolphins – WIN. Dolphins are still a team?

Week 8: Bears vs Patriots – LOSS.  Belicheck can scheme with the best of em.

Week 10: Bears vs Packers – LOSS.  Another shootout, this time on the short end.

Week 11: Bears vs Vikings – WIN. This team will struggle.

Week 12: Bears vs Bucs – WIN. Welcome back Lovie.  Now take this loss and suck it.

Week 13: Bears vs Lions – LOSS. Happy Thanksgiving. 

Week 14: Bears vs Cowboys – WIN. Cowboys suck.

Week 15: Bears vs Saints – WIN. I’m not feeling all the love for the Saints this year.  Maybe I’m stupid.

Week 16: Bears vs Lions – WIN. Megatron shut down again by Peanut.

Week 17: Bears vs Vikings – WIN. Vikings are gonna be fail. So much fail.

Thats an 11-5 record, good for a playoff berth. Depending on seeding, I could see the Bears making it to the Title Game in the NFC, but its gonna be really hard. Regardless, my real prediction is Bears 16-0, en route to a Super Bowl victory.


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Sup Holmes


that beanie is pretty fresh – if you’re a beanie guy.

Praise the Lord – Eric Weems is no longer a Bear!!  Woo-hoo!!!!*  Now, Santonio Holmes is no savior, and it might not work out at all.  But what I love about this signing is it is a low risk, high reward scenario.  A veteran receiver like Holmes should be able to find big holes in defenses that are keying so heavily on Marshall, Jeffery, Bennett and Forte.  This could also be his last chance in the league to catch on somewhere, so lets just hope he takes advantage of that.

Tonight marks the 3rd preseason game and the Bears are traveling to Seattle to play the defending Super Bowl Champions (still is weird to me that they won it all last year).  This will be the game where we’ll be able to get a true handle on what the Bears can do this season and the Seahawks will provide a great test.  Their defense is nasty.  Our offense CAN be nasty.biwLjUd

1. We have to run the ball.  I believe Forte’s line in the preseason is something like 7 carries, -7 yards.  -7!  NOT GOOD.

2. We have to make a bigger impact on Special Teams.  I’m not talking about running a kick back in each quarter, I’m talking about getting decent returns, no flags, no fumbles and having great coverage as well.  This has always been a strength of the Bears but we have a lot of improvement to make.  If things don’t change, I would think by week 5, or the bye week at the very latest, that there are some changes on the coaching staff.

3. Speaking of improvements, defense, please, just show us SOMETHING tonight.  Jacksonville’s first team offense picked you apart last week. Bears Allen Football Just make plays.  Don’t need to be great, just need to literally Bear Down and play to the whistle.  Too many missed assignments, poor tackling, no pass rush – all needs to improve.

I’ll be providing my season picks – game by game – after next weeks game against the Browns…really need to see what we can do tonight against a really good team in a really tough environment.




*Woohoo is right.  If you’re at home and the channel isn’t on FXX over the next 12 days, you’re doing life wrong.  Simpsons marathon – every episode ever.  Awesome.



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